Sarfix means modern ropeway transport systems of the highest quality. In order to continuously offer customers the best solutions; Sarfix attaches great importance to innovative ideas and new technical possibilities. We focus on safety and suitability for the owner and user.

Thanks to numerous projects implemented, the company can take advantage of its extensive experience, which reflects into benefits for the client. Our employees are convincing with their flexibility and competence. Due to which clients of Sarfix receive comprehensive care - from planning to the project implementation.


Experts with experience

Thanks to 50 ropeways that we have planned and implemented for known producers of ropeways worldwide, Ropes is among the leading experts in equipment construction. Thanks to this we can refer to our broad experience, which is of direct benefit to customers. Due to our certified calculation program we are one of the few engineering offices that can calculate the ropeway in accordance with EN 12930 standards. In addition, the program provides information on the engineering services for the construction and maintenance of new and in-use ropeway installations, as well as costs, e.g. of the, modification of the ropeway materials and special solutions. Finally, we develop in cooperation with external engineers all the planning documents for the technical acceptance.

Reliable implementation from start to finish:
  • On-the-spot inspection or analysis using Google Earth
  • Checking feasibility
  • System selection
  • Cost estimate
Planning concept:

  • On-the-spot inspection
  • Ropeway calculation in accordance with EN 12930 standards
  • Construction permits/licenses
  • Specifications
  • Project planning

    • The implementation of technology / ropeway construction
    • Cost calculation
    • Calculation of connectors for the construction company
    • Project management
    • Management of the project design and construction
    • Commissioning
    • Supervision of the building acceptance



In order to guarantee our customers the best care, we cooperate within the scope of planning and maintenance with experts of WPK. As a client, you are therefore certain that you are dealing with competent professionals, who are always up-to- date with the latest state of technology.


As a state accredited inspection body, we carry out the following inspections:

  • Acceptance checks for new and used installations
  • Periodic checks and complementary measures in accordance with the Regulation on the control of ropeways 2013
  • Inspection of the gates, cranes, hoists, rescue equipment, etc.

After testing, depending on the needs, protocols, reports, registers or expertise are prepared, and the test results documented.

As an accredited state inspection body, we are able to carry out all the tests directly on the client’s premises, prepare reports, protocols, registers or

expert opinion, as well as document the test results. We use the following testing procedures:

  • VT - visual inspection
  • PT - dyes penetration inspection
  • MT - magnetic particle inspection
  • ST - magnetic induction inspection
  • UT - ultrasonic testing
  • RT - radiographic inspection
  • OVE - tests according to ÖVE/ÖNORM EN 50110-1 standards

We are accredited according to national and international standards (including the ASME code).

Notified authority

Since March 2004, we are recognized as a notified authority in accordance with directive 2000/9/EC. We conduct conformity assessment using standard construction tests, individual tests and product tests, as well as issue appropriate certificates of EC conformity in accordance with modules "B", "F" and "G".